Principal Cowles



Dear Foothill Oaks Families!

The end of second trimester is approaching and your child may find the learning to be more challenging.  Encourage your kids to keep trying!  We call this a productive struggle - it's like trying to sink a putt in golf.  More than one try may be necessary in order to achieve the goal.  Students achieve more when all of the adults in a child's life send a message that says, "You can do it!"

Our Student Council is excited to promote our new program, SING!, which will occur every other Friday afternoon.  This will be a time for students to practice their reading skills as they see lyrics to songs presented along with the music.  We will be singing silly songs, popular songs and patriotic songs.  Parents are welcome to join us! 

Spirit Days will also be an on-going Friday event.  Student Council is encouraging students to wear school colors (purple and green) on Fridays.  Classes with the most spirit participation will earn spirit awards! 

Finally . . . we need your help improve our school wide attendance.  While we were pleased to reward out first trimester Perfect Attendance Award, our overall school attendance has recently decreased. This means that we receive less money for programs at our school.  So, unless your child is sick, please send him/her to school on time, every day. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 




Carolyn Cowles


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or at (916) 566-1830